Deep Feeling – Pretty Colours

Apart from an occasional mention in a Pete Frame-like family tree of Traffic, Mott The Hoople, Family or maybe The Blossom Toes, not much has been told about Deep Feeling over the years. The farthest they managed to get release-wise, was only half way through an album scheduled for Giorgio Gomelsky’s Marmalade label, before Jim Capaldi decided to split, teaming up with his new pal Steve Winwood. Listen to tracks 1-5 and you’ll hear the very seeds of the kaleidoscopic amalgamation of sounds, that was soon to become known as Traffic’s trademark.

Also included are a couple of post-DF demos by Gordon Jackson and Poli Palmer, of which I Don’t Know Her Too Well stands out as a rough diamond which, given a proper production, wouldn’t sound out of place on Odessey & Oracle, and with Blossom Toes standing in as a backing band, blues can’t really get less ordinary, to say the least, than in Blues For Witley. With the liners provided by the band members and Gomelsky themselves, the overall package comes as complete as possible, and is likely to be among THE re-issues of the year.

[Released by Sunbeam 2009]

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