Country Westerns – Country Westerns (album)

Country Westerns – Country Westerns

Fat Possum Records has built a reputation since 1992 with their guiding principle “We’re Trying Our Best”. One of the label’s debutants in 2020 is Country Westerns with their self-titled album. The band members of this trio have backgrounds in Silver Jews (Brian Kotzur), The Weight and Gentleman Jesse (Joseph Plunket). They have as a duo two singles in the baggage since before (2018 and 2019) on Soft Junk Records. These four songs have been re-recorded with their new bassist (Sabrina Rush) for inclusion on this album.

Do not let the band name or the potential restrictions that may exist in a trio mislead you. Country Westerns play classic Americana with a dash of garage rock and have no problems as a trio to fill out the whole sound image. Perfect album for us with an inclination to favor bands that carry on the American rock tradition. Country Westerns make us thereby stay in our comfort zone and at the same time challenge our borders a bit through modernization.

Have a listen to a couple of songs that show the charming straightforwardness of Country Westerns. The outcome is best described by something that theoretically could have been a product of the desert rockers The Sidewinders, dressed in leather jackets and fronted by an unusually irritated Steve Earle: Times to Tunnels; Anytime; Gentle Soul.

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