Big Boss Man – Winner

Re-Mixing Weller (and taking it to UK TOP 20 if I may add), denying Coca Cola’s request to use a track and sitting in with Country Joe’s Fish or The Action, all might be as good references as any, but it’s all really just about the groovy dance floor boogaloo, making this a “winner” of any mod all-nighter.

Basically the Big Boss sound revolves around Nass Bouzida’s Hammond organ-isation and is divided between cool funky Brian Auger-like instrumentals, and vocal tunes ranging from the slightlydelic post-mod sound of Fall In Fall Out, the crowd-pleasing blue-eyed funk of Got It So Bad, the “in-Prisoned”, riff-laden “creepy” garage of Reach Out, laungey jazz stuff such as Complicated Lady, recalling some of the latterdaze, Mike Hugg-written, Manfred Mann tunes, or even some contemporary psych by-way-of-Beck in Tu as gache mon talent ma cherie.

So, if you’re up for some hip-shakin’, MODerndaze dance vibes, you just can’t lose with the “Winner”!

[Released by Blow Up 2005]

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