The Walker Brothers [1965-1967]


Pretty Girls Everywhere/Doin’ The Jerk
[BF 1401]
Love Her/The Seventh Dawn
[BF 1409]
Make It Easy On Yourself/But I Do
[BF 1428]
My Ship Is Coming/You’re All Around Me
[BF 1454]

The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Shine Anymore/After The Lights Go Out
[BF 1473]
(Baby) You Don’t Have To Tell Me/My Love Is Growing
[BF 1497]
Another Tear Falls/The Saddest Night In The World
[BF 1514]
Deadlier Than The Male/Archangel
[BF 1537]

+ I Need You EP
Looking For Me/Young Man Cried//Everything’s Gonna Be All Right/I Need You
[BE 12596]

Stay With Me Baby/Turn Out The Moon
[BF 1548]
Walking In The Rain/Baby Make It The Last Time
[BF 1576]


Take It Easy [12/1965]
[BL 7691]

Side One

1. Make It Easy On Yourself
2. There Goes My Baby
3. First Love Never Dies
4. Dancing In The Street
5. Lonely Winds
6. Girl I Lost In The Rain

Side Two

1. Land Of A Thousand Dances
2. You’re All Around Me
3. Love Minus Zero/No Limit
4. I Don’t Want To Hear It Anymore
5. Here Comes The Night
6. Tell The Truth

CD bonus tracks

13. Love Her
14. Seventh Dawn
15. But I Do
16. My Ship Is Coming In
17. Looking For Me
18. Young Man Cried
19. Everything’s Gonna Be Alright
20. I Need You

Portrait [11/1966]
[BL 7732]

Side One

1. In My Room
2. Saturday’s Child
3. Just For A Thrill
4. Hurting Each Other
5. Old Folks
6. Summertime

Side Two

1. People Get Ready
2. I Can See It Now
3. Where’s The Girl
4. Living Above Your Head
5. Take It Like A Man
6. No Sad Songs For Me

CD bonus tracks

13. The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine
14. After The Lights Go Out
15. (Baby) You Don’t Have To Tell Me
16. My Love Is Growing
17. Another Tear Falls
18. Saddest Night In The World
19. Deadlier Than The Male
20. Archangel
21. Sunny
22. Come Rain Or Come Shine
23. The Gentle Rain
24. Mrs. Murphy

Images [4/1967]
[BL 7770]

Side One

1. Everything Under The Sun
2. Once Upon A Summertime
3. Experience
4. Blueberry Hill
5. Orpheus
6. Stand By Me

Side Two

1. I Wanna Know
2. I Will Wait For You (Theme From Les Parapluies de Cherbourg)
3. It Makes No Difference Now
4. I Can’t Let It Happen To You
5. Genevieve
6. Just Say Goodbye

CD bonus tracks

13. Stay With Me Baby
14. Turn Out The Moon
15. Walking In The Rain
16. Baby Make It Last The Time

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