The Tricks – Lick Your Lips

Experiencing this CD might be a rather surprising one, starting from the very moment you notice the cover-art… from a distance, from where it might look like kinda like The Thrills’ debut.

When you finally get hold of the thing, of course you’ll realize that it’s not, but the initial reference could be enough to at least get you interested.

After the first two tracks, the next feeling I got was as if I was listening to some unreleased Paul Westerberg stuff (with or without The Replacements), which, even if it does recall some of his best works, might’ve impressed me some 15 years ago (not that it sounds dated, it’s just that I seem to have overgrown it).

It’s the third track, called Stay, which made me do exactly what it says, thanks to it reminding me of how great the ‘Stones used to be, and if you add a bit of Neil Young-ish looseness, some West Coast-ern harmonies and a dash of Alex Chilton moods, what you’ll get are Turn Your Love Around, She’s So Fine and Gancho Grande, which is where you come full circle, proving that The Tricks still might be an Australian answer to The Thrills.

At the moment, they’re trying to come up with the next bunch of “tricks”, with Joe Algeri of Jack & The Beanstalk at the desk, so let’s hope they’ll find the right “replacement” for the “thrills” they caused.


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