Sandy Salisbury – Everything For You Vol.1

Though he seemed a bit neglected as an author during the Millennium days, at least when it comes to the material that got released at the time, now at the wake of the new “millennium”, after all the Boettcher-related stuff shooting up like mushrooms after the (acid?) rain, it seems as he was among (if not THE) most prolific ones.

Here’s another one of his demo collections, full of what Curt was jealously saving for possible Millennium hits, that was gathering dust until his “millennial” pal Joey Stec has made it all possible for everyone else to hear.

Even though the saying goes that Sandy was teased for being a “bubblegummy”, he’s got nothing else to do but to be proud of the fact, as proven by such instant bubblegum classics that never were as the yummy So Close To Heaven, Over And Over Again, So Much Yourself, or Here Comes That Feeling, with the latter sounding kinda like a countryfied Fortunes.

Each and every one of the above would’ve surely raid the late sixties charts, had they only been allowed to, and the same goes for I’ll Do The Crying, Love Came To Strawberry Lane and Tender Loving Care, all perfect little “pocket symphonies”, had they been given a proper Spectorized treatment.

The genuinely British sounding, Yesterday Today And Tomorrow is a Hermits-like ditty, Tomorrow is kinda like Simon & Garfunkel at their gentlest, and while we’re at it, Dealer and I’m Moving On Back To You make a perfect folky pair, and of course there’s plenty of Millennial Brian Wilson-like innocence, as in Our Love Is An Unwritten Song, Content Am I or Warm Of August, while the acoustic demo of Pretty As A Picture seems like a classic power-pop number in the making.

All of it is delivered though Sandy’s perfect pop voice, often strongly resembling that of Davy Jones, making this an essential pop item.

[Released by Sonic Past Music 2003]

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