Ronnie Spector (1943 – 2022)

Ronnie Spector

Do you know what you did today?
Do you know what you took away?

It isn’t easy to explain

The blue out of the sky

Tell me why, I want to know
Tell me why is it so

All of my dreams
A cloud that’s over me

Not a thing did I have
Not a thing did I see

All alone in this big wide world

It’s such a cruel world to be alone in

But then
Someone said

I opened my eyes
And there is something that I visualize:

The stars are shining bright

And flowers grow forever more
Where time is standing still
A hundred miles from shore

I realized something
I didn’t realize:

Hope and pray and dream and scheme

I can hear sweet, sweet music

Forever, and ever

You’re gonna see
Footloose and fancy free

Talk to the rainbows
And to the seas

I say a prayer
That you will be alright

Keep on dancing
Little girl

by Gary Pig Gold

Photo Credit Debra Greenfield

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