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70-talets verkliga popklassiker! Del 2

February 21, 2016 Per Hägred 1

LEGEND Anything You Do [Vertigo, 1971] Jag har Kjell Alinge att tacka för mycket. Utan att han hade den blekaste aning om det var han min musikaliske ledasagare under första halvan av 1970-talet. Ofta spelade […]

Articles (English)

A Joey Ramone Remembrance

April 15, 2012 Gary Pig Gold 0

Late one night in very late 1976, a singer acquaintance of mine burst into the (condemned) house I was then sharing with the local bar band, shouting “You will never believe what I just saw […]

Articles (English)

All Time Top Ten Power Pop People

February 2, 2012 Gary Pig Gold 3

ALL TIME TOP TEN POWER POP PEOPLE (in chronological order) Certainly we could all be arguing blue-faced until that mythical Next Big Thing finally arrives over just what exactly IS Pop, Powerful or otherwise. Why, […]