Big Star – In Space

September 21, 2005 Garwood Pickjon 0

Well, I suppose there’s not much more albums out there that were so eagerly awaited like this one. The first impression is that the (almost) thirty year wait was worth enough to place it alongside […]


Ken Stringfellow – Soft Commands

February 15, 2005 Garwood Pickjon 0

Ever since I’ve heard Ken’s previous solo album Touched (reviewed elsewhere on these pages), I tend to say that this has become my favourite Stringfellow period. Some of the Posies tunes will always find a […]


Ken Stringfellow – Touched

September 30, 2002 Garwood Pickjon 0

Somewhere in a fairer world, or maybe more competent one, the name of Ken Stringfellow would be written in golden letters in some so called “R’n’R Hall of fame”, but as things are now, even […]