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70-talets verkliga popklassiker! Del 2

February 21, 2016 Per Hägred 1

LEGEND Anything You Do [Vertigo, 1971] Jag har Kjell Alinge att tacka för mycket. Utan att han hade den blekaste aning om det var han min musikaliske ledasagare under första halvan av 1970-talet. Ofta spelade […]

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Ten You May Have Missed In 2006

July 15, 2013 Gary Pig Gold 0

Lindsey Buckingham, multitude of custom guitars in hands, cannily fleeted from the humongous Mac only to craft one of the greatest folk albums in many an era, whilst that once-and-former misdiagnosed Voice of Someone’s Generation […]

Articles (English)

Noughtie Top Twenty-One

January 4, 2012 Gary Pig Gold 0

Despite an alarming amount of critical mass to (and by) the contrary, there truly was much, much more worth hearing this decade just past than those big Big Star, Beatle, Bob Dylan and even Neil […]