Marykate O’Neil – mkULTRA

There’s a lot of praise to be found while googling around for Marykate O’Neil info, and with references like Elvis Costello, Astrud Gilberto, Glenn Campbell and George Harrison, I just can’t help but being tricked into the whole thing. I haven’t heard any of the previous two albums, but this 6-song EP not only covers pretty much all of the mentioned, but also brings to mind other just as cool names.

As soon as you spot the geeky She-Austin-Powers-like cover shot, you’ll realize that none of it is that surprising after all … and neither is the brain (!) on the back cover. To me, she gives her best right away, with the opening “tapestry” of Carol King-like sounds heard in Green Street. Nothing I Say Or Do and Trouble is a laid back folky-blues pair that wouldn’t sound out of place on a Laura Nyro collection, and how cool must a female artist be to cover Randy Newman anyway?!

You guessed it, THIS cool, and she’s doing Living Without You. Another cover that closes the CD (Happy), comes from the pen of Marykate’s co-writing and co-producing partner Jill Sobule and Adam Schlesinger of Fountains Of Wayne.

[Released by Nettwerk 2008]

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