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Besides Those Beatles

February 9, 2012 Gary Pig Gold 1

You know what I was doing precisely forty-eight years ago, February 9? Sitting far too close in front of my family’s Zenith television, bouncing up and down to the hitherto-unheard – not to mention utterly […]

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Charles Hardin Holley [Sep 7, 1936 – Feb 3, 1959]

February 3, 2012 Gary Pig Gold 1

Precisely fifty-three years since the music supposedly died, TEN REASONS WHY BUDDY HOLLY STILL MATTERS 1. THE CHIRPING CRICKETS Buddy Holly, alongside rhythm guitarist Niki Sullivan, bassist Joe B. Mauldin, and drummist-extraordinaire Jerry Allison, formed […]

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All Time Top Ten Power Pop People

February 2, 2012 Gary Pig Gold 3

ALL TIME TOP TEN POWER POP PEOPLE (in chronological order) Certainly we could all be arguing blue-faced until that mythical Next Big Thing finally arrives over just what exactly IS Pop, Powerful or otherwise. Why, […]

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Brian Wilson: Songwriter, 1962-1969

January 26, 2012 Gary Pig Gold 0

As those Beach Boys prepare to do it again for their 50th Anniversary, Gary Pig Gold reminds us of….. TEN REASONS WHY BRIAN WILSON: SONGWRITER, 1962 – 1969 SHOULD BE THE LAST BEACH BOYS DOCUMENTARY […]

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Fan Tan: Jan Berry, In Memoriam

January 25, 2012 Gary Pig Gold 1

“He knew how to produce records very well. He had a very strong spirit for recording music. He was a great producer.” When no less an authority on making records as Brian Wilson spoke those […]

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Much More Of The Monkees

January 19, 2012 Gary Pig Gold 0

Can it really be true that Rolling Stone publisher/magnate Jann S. Wenner has personally conducted a decades-long campaign to bar The Monkees from induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? Far-from-dummy Monkee Peter […]

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Noughtie Top Twenty-One

January 4, 2012 Gary Pig Gold 0

Despite an alarming amount of critical mass to (and by) the contrary, there truly was much, much more worth hearing this decade just past than those big Big Star, Beatle, Bob Dylan and even Neil […]

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Dennis Diken and his Bell Sound

January 2, 2012 Gary Pig Gold 0

Discriminating consumers of only the best in rock ‘n’ pop have long revered Dennis Diken as drummer with those rightfully legendary Smithereens. Yet did you know that in between making Jersey beat, Dennis has penned […]

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