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Format: CD
Label: Kool Kat Musik
Catalogue: PURR 2003
Barcode: 616892520627
Country: US
Year: 2003

Condition: New

US import.

01. Hey Kid
02. Bringing Up Baby
03. Tell Me
04. Hissy Fit
05. 5 Silly Girls
06. 1985
07. Gwyneth
08. The Conversation
09. New Everything
10. Deadsville


Hey, North Americans, just what is a Minivan? The picture on the cover looks horribly like the ridiculous “people carriers” that blight European roads – i.e family cars that look big and spacious but aren’t.

On the other hand is a minivan the modern power pop band equipment transporter of choice?

This is a fine pop CD. Songwriter and lead vocalist Nick Pipitone honed his skills in his previous band Sugarsmack, and offers ten consistent, simple and uplifting tunes.

The opening song, ‘Hey Kid’, sets the tone, powered along by a nifty organ and rising to a catchy chorus. ‘Bringing Up Baby’ quickly proves that the opener is not a one-off.

Pipitone understands simply jangly pop songs. None of the tunes outstay their welcome, and when they hit a good soaring chorus they sensibly repeat it lots of times! The songs are consistently good throughout, but I particularly liked ‘Gwyneth’ and ‘Tell Me’.

By strange coincidence the opening riff of ‘Tell Me’ is weirdly reminiscent to’ Something New’, by 90’s Finnish popsters The Peppermints. This isn’t a problem, as both songs are really good!

Phil Suggitt

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