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Format: CD EP
Label: Bip Bip Records
Catalogue: BCD 024
Barcode: 8431905004084
Country: Spain
Year: 2002

Condition: New

Spanish power pop group.

01. Todo Pasa Y No Volverá
02. Di Me, Dime
03. Esperando A Godot
04. This Is The Low

+ track video clip “Todo Pasa Y No Volverá”

Review from PopDiggers by Garwood Pickjon

If you haven’t already heard their debut album, released last year, the fastest way to introduce yourself to the music of this Spanish band is to check out the bonus video for the title tune on this release.

Besides a great tune, which should be enough for you to be interested, there’s also this funny, animated love story full of indicative details like The Who’s Marquee poster and Warhol’s Campbell’s soup on the guy’s room wall, The Beatles photo sticker, Los Bravos’ LPs on the floor, the mod-target T-shirt …

There are three songs sung in Spanish, but after hearing them, the language will be the last thing you’ll worry about. The two originals, Esperando a Godot and the title song, are British-influenced, happy-go-lucky ’67/’68 sound- recalls, mixing the Spanish sophistication, in the vein of Le Mans, with the rawness of the early Who rhythm section, adding a dose of modish attitude.

The English-sung, This Is The Low, is another “Taxman-about-to-Start!”- Arrangement workout, but it’s still marked with the band’s own melodic stamp, effective vocal harmonies and Hammond screams, while the cover-choice, the Spanish Los Angeles’ version of Band Me, Shape Me, serves as a bond between the two cultures.

If you’re looking for such bonds to add to your record collection yourself, you should look no further, cuz Octubre is a good one to start with, and you don’t have to wait until the autumn comes cuz it’s already here!

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