Kilopop! ‎– The Best of Kilopop! “Un Petit Gouter”


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Format: CD
Label: Future Fossil Records
Catalogue: DIG4-CD/FF
Barcode: 642409000429
Country: US
Year: 2001

Condition: New

Said to be a compilation of “Europe’s second best pop band…virtually unknown in the USA” and named the members as Furk and Trynka Zhenk. In fact, it is a put-on created by Chris Butler (ex-Waitresses) and singer Carla Murray. A fictional European band’s “Best Of”. “I’ve always been a songwriter, and over the years I’ve been asked to write Waitress-y type tunes for other singers…but none of them were ever used. I had quite a pile of these, plus some fun co-writes lying around gathering dust…so I invented a fake European band that supposedly had had ‘hits’ with these tunes. I wanted to be a success in Europe, and since this didn’t happen in reality, I decided to make it so in fantasy.”

01. Sure Wish That He Wasn’t Here
02. Kiss R’n’R Goodbye
03. Red Drinks! Red Drinks! (Your Life Stinks)
04. Sky Men
05. To The Wind (Or Something)
06. Heaven Can Hurt
07. Beat Of The World
08. Millions & Millions
09. Gone I Go
10. Who Are Parents?
11. Coming Back Down To Earth

Bonus Tracks

12. Red Drinks (“Sonny & Cher” version)
13. Millions & Millions (LP version)
14. Who Are Parents? (instrumental version)
15. Millions & Millions (original 4-track demo)


Kilopop! are Furk and Trynka Zhenk. Since the mid 60’s this brother and sister act have had continuous hits across Europe, making them Europe’s 2nd most successful pop band ever!

‘Un Petit Goutier’ is a compilation of Kilopop!’s greatest hits, beginning with 1966’s ‘Sure Wish He Wasn’t Here’, which reached no.7 in the All-Europe chart. Throughout their career Kilopop have always been in tune with ever changing fashions, trends and zeitgeists.

1971’s ‘To The Wind Or Something’, became a rallying cry amongst Europe’s Hippy community and was adopted as a common form of greeting during the early 70’s. ‘Heaven can Wait’ was a no.2 hit across Europe, kept off the top spot by Abba, with whom Kilopop enjoyed a friendly rivalry.

‘Un Petit Goutier’ contains plenty of rare and unreleased recordings too, such as a never before available live radio broadcast of ‘Beat Of The World’ made from the bathroom of a hospitality suite in Cannes in 1985 to mark the band’s 20th anniversary.

The album charts the band’s recording history up to 1999’s ‘Energie-Fabrik’ CD and also includes demo versions of some of their greatest hits.

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