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Format: CD
Label: Vibro-Phonic Recordings
Catalogue: DL 12011
Barcode: 6 63281 20112 4
Country: US
Year: 2002

Condition: New

Still sealed. Card sleeve. Album with cover songs. Great choice.

Packaging: slightly oversized LP style cardboard card sleeve, glossy finish, thin spine with text, two-sided square cardstock insert (also glossy finish), thin white paper Lp style inner dust-sleeve.

01. Little Know Ye Who’s Coming
02. Tattoo
03. Baby Elephant Walk
04. Still I’m Sad
05. Melody Fair
06. On A Carousel
07. Desiree
08. Luci Baines
09. 30 Century Man
10. This Is Where I Belong


Vibro-phonic Recordings is pleased to announce the latest release by the jigsaw seen: Dennis Davison (vocals, guitar), Jonathan Lea (guitar), David Nolte (bass) and Teddy Freese (drums).

Songs Mama Used To Sing is the full-length follow up to their Grammy nominated 2000 release Zenith. The new album features interpretations of songs by some of the band’s favorite artists. The 10 songs on the album consist of 5 that were recorded in early 2002 and 5 that were previously available on various compilation albums.

Songs Mama Used To Sing opens ominously with Little Know Ye Who’s Coming, a nineteenth century dirge that warns of plague, pestilence, and Satan. The Who’s Tattoo is smeared by the prickly sounds of Leslie guitar and penny whistle. Henry Mancini’s Baby Elephant Walk has been transformed into a mammoth stampeding through a thunderstorm of feedback.

Still I’m Sad maintains the Yardbirds’ original melancholia while e-bow guitars and mellotron reinforce the downbeat mood. A thrill ride version of the Bee Gees’ Melody Fair collides with the Hollies’ On A Carousel at the midway. The Left Banke’s Desiree and Arthur Lee’s Luci Baines trade recipes with stylophone and glockenspiel being the main ingredients.

30 Century Man, written by Scott Walker is fleshed out with 20th century analog synthesizers. Concluding the album is a somber rendition of the Kinks’ This Is Where I Belong, with harmonium and mandolin culminating in a final chord.

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