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Format: CD
Label: Kool Kat Musik
Catalogue: PURR2001
Barcode: 660355767821
Country: US
Year: 2000

Condition: New

US import compilation. Unreleased tracks between 1992-1996 from this Philadelphia band.

01. Tender Distance
02. Are You Awake
03. You’re Cool
04. Better Than This
05. I’m The One
06. Somethings I’ll Never Understand
07. Negative Ecstacy
08. Velvet Rope
09. Fear Of Drowning
10. Crack In The Ice
11. Bitter Little Things
12. Asleep And Forgetting
13. Blinders
14. Less Than Desperate
15. Used By Permission


What?!? No WEB SITE?!? Heh heh heh…just kidding, dear readers. For you see, in all actuality web sites are not a necessity in today’s world…despite the fact that most of us THINK they are.

Everyone does not need an “electronic business card” because everyone’s motivation is not to simply sell stuff and become hugely popular.

The mission of the folks at Kool Kat music seems to be releasing material that they love and believe in…rather than putting out discs that they feel will yield them a “hit.”

This is the first CD to be released by this independent label, and if this is any indication of where they’re headed we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for future releases.

Unheard consists of 15 rare and previously unreleased tracks by Idle Wilds. For those who are unfamiliar with the band, this group was headed by David Gray in the 1990s until he split to pursue a solo career and to produce other artists.

This album plays like a non-stop string of hits that never were. The tunes are guitar-based pop ditties that feature urgent vocals, great guitar lines, and–above all–superb melodies.

The disc even includes the band’s first recorded demo (“Tender Distance“).


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