Glowfriends ‎– So Glad To Be Here


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Format: CD
Label: Jam Records
Catalogue: JCDXXI
Barcode: 869847777922
Country: US
Year: 2001

Condition: New

Glowfriends’ April and Mark Morris are the children of indie pop legend Jeremy and he must be very proud of this excellent effort by the brother-sister team. Reminiscent of Sixpence None the Richer (and Madonna!), So Glad To Be Here mines the fem-rock path superbly. Recommended.

Kevin M Mathews
Power of Pop


The debut CD by Glowfriends is impressive indeed. The band is the duo of April Morris and Mark Morris who live in Portage, Michigan. What initially caught our attention about this CD was the lyrics. The band has a very natural way with words, expressing their feelings and emotions in a completely genuine and sincere fashion. But the songs themselves are also amazingly strong…especially when you consider the fact that this is the band’s first disc.

The duo’s dad (and noted underground pop sensation and label manager) Jeremy Morris even plays on four of the cuts. Listening to this music, it is clear that the folks involved had a great time recording these tunes. Our own particular favorites are ‘Lydia,’ ‘Out To The Moon,’ and ‘I Should’ve Known.’ Beautiful melodies contained within combine genuine spirit with natural skill. Neat stuff…


01. Lydia
02. Triple-Low
03. Out To The Moon
04. Forget About it
05. The One I’m Waiting For
06. Can You Help Me
07. What Good Would That Do
08. 21,000 Sunny Days
09. Nowhere Near
10. I Should’ve Known
11. We Can’t Save You
12. Green Light

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