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Format: CD
Label: Payola
Catalogue: bribe 1
Barcode: 7394071000018
Country: Sweden
Year: 1995

Condition: New

Don’t miss the “Where Did I Go Right?” video below. Nice song.

1. Where Did I Go Right?
2. Last Bite
3. New Set Of Tears
4. Refrigerator
5. Suffocation File


(Måns Wieslander)

In the early 1980´s, Måns Wieslander and his brother Staffan (Twist Intime, Parasit Senil) formed THE DRUGIT, makers of timeless music and bilingual lyrics, often concerning the state of all sorts of traumatized animals, from fish to horse.

Following an argument about musical directions (Måns was 9 years old, Staffan 25), Måns left the band, disillusioned and facing the prospect of spending 8 more years at home (which he did). During the following years, he led the band TEENAGE HEAD who were huge in a very small part of Sweden, you could actually walk the distance from A to B. But it´s hard singing about living in the gutter, wrecking GTO´s and meeting evil women who forces you to use heroin on a daily basis when you´re a bunch of fairly spoiled brats, riding bicycles, still living a very nice life at home and not having any relations to the opposite gender except through some magazines hidden under the bed.

Teenage Head split shortly after some members got drivers-licenses and others left home (though noone did both). Shortly after, Måns met Johan Weitner, since then best friend and colleague, and they formed the band first called CHARMING GAS.However, when they moved to Malmö, they changed the name to ELEVATOR ADAM, due to protests from newly recruited drummer; Peter Dolkow (of DOLKOWS fame).

So the fart-related name was replaced by a pee-related one: Adam was a friend of the band who one night did his thing in an elevator (and on Måns shoes). With everybody happy, Johan and Peter left the band, leaving Måns and his brother Anders, the new bassplayer, with a drummachine and no idea how to use it. After trying out hundreds of guitar heroes ( doing mostly what guitar heroes do), they got Johan to join the band again and solve the drummachine mystery.

The first gig (in the before mentioned very small part of Sweden) ended with the brothers paying homage to Liam & Noel and almost killing each other. Murder and departures aside, Conny Städe, the local drum hero (in the best sense), having replaced Peter Dolkow in Dolkows once before, joined the band and they recorded the e.p. “ALCOMOON” (Payola Records/BMG). A video from the ep, “Where did i go right”, became a minor hit on the swedish music channel Z-TV, the record got good reviews and got some good airplay.

With a big booking agency behind them, Elevator Adam made several small tours around sweden, supporting the likes of of The Posies, Hoodoo Gurus, Dubstar and Sultans of Ping.

Måns joined The Saints briefly, he went to Spain for a one off gig in Pamplona and appears on the “HOWLING” album. Around this time, things didn´t really happen for the band, and they barely managed to release the double A side single “WEDNESDAY/WHY DO YOU LOVE ME NOW?” (Payola Records/BMG) too little attention.

Watching too numerous to mention taped episodes of The Simpsons one night at Ola Frick´s (Moonbabies,Campo Mondo-another of Måns side projects, and Hundar Af Idag) place, Måns realized that a solorecord had to be made. Recorded by himself and with Ola; “Twin Piloda” was released in June 2000 & is the most complex and personal (obviously) piece of music by The Måns so far.

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