Damon – Song Of A Gypsy


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Format: CD
Label: Not on label / Self-released
Barcode: 670398000120
Country: US
Year: 200? [1968]

Condition: New

Still sealed. I bought these copies directly from Damon in the early 2000s. Should be the first CD release of this psych-rock classic.

01. Song Of A Gypsy
02. Poor Poor Genie
03. Don’t You Feel Me
04. Did You Ever
05. Funky Funky Blues
06. Do You
07. The Night
08. I Feel Your Love
09. Birds Fly So High
10. The Road Of Life

“Goldmine’s Price Guide To Collectible Record Albums” 4th edition Has “Song of a Gypsy” listed at a price of $3,000.00. It has now increased.”

“Incredibly Strange Music- Volume 2” states, “An example of exotica-folk-rock is “Song of a Gypsy”, released by a Gypsy singer, DAMON. For blending atmospheres, this is an all time great!”

“Fuzz, Acid, and Flowers” states, “This is an excellent Psychedelic album. It was recorded in Hollywood and just 100 copies were pressed. There’s lots of fuzz guitar and a mystical feel about tracks like Do You? and The Night. I Feel Your Love has a sleepy, stoned atmosphere sounding rather similar to ‘The Deep’, and Birds Fly so High has spoken lyrics and snake charming music, again creating a sorta Eastern mystical feel.”

“Damon. It’s a name that makes the hair on the back of a record collector’s neck stand up. His original album, “Song of a Gypsy” (listed in “Goldmine Price Guide to Collectible Record Albums” at a value of $3,000.00), is probably the most coveted of the most coveted objects in vinyl.

It is more than just the impossible object though, for it speaks the truth in a most earthly way, its language an utterly lysergic soundpool of tears and blood. Damon and his band were the possessors of a most unique sound; simple and unadorned, yet consummately professional and breathtakingly personal.
Surely there is nothing else like it; the great lost creation of the psychedelic era. Knowing also that the members of the band were not schoolboys, but grown men, veterans of various professional music backgrounds, with the confidence to merge a brand new medium with a craft as old as life itself, is another vital element of the finished product.”

Clark Faville on Original Song of a Gypsy

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