Lloyd, Bill ‎– Confidence Is High Plus 4


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Format: CD (EP)
Label: Sound Asleep Records
Catalogue: ZZZ002
Barcode: 7320470002124
Country: Sweden
Year: 2001

Condition: New

Item is new but some wear to the standard case (which easily can be upgraded).
The instrumental track #4 not credited.

01. Confidence Is High
02. When Will I Ever Learn
03. When The Green Room Turns To Blue
(04. Instrumental)
05. Conference Call
06. Wake Up Call
Original Liner Notes:

What we have here are five pop songs recorded in my home studio…Def Heffer. As if Nashville doesn’t already have enough studios…..Def Heffer Studio is really my home office. This record started off as a collection of home-demos. I recorded and mixed it and thought I was finished..but when my friend, Jerker, said he’d like to release them as an EP on his label (Sound Asleep Records) in Sweden, I couldn’t stop myself from wanting to improve the package.

SO.. four out of five tracks were taken to Marc Owens High Street Studio up in my former hometown of Bowling Green, KY. where Marc replaced the drum machine tracks with real drums. It’s the very same basement where in 1967, our first bands (with names like The Underground Sound and 98¢ Plus Tax) bashed out ‘Steppin’ Stone’ and years later we recorded the title track to my first album, ‘Feeling the Elephant’).

Aside from Marc’s overdubbed drums, I played and sang the rest. This makes this more of a solo record than I’m accustomed to making. The smart thing to do is to surround yourself with talented musicians and engineers. While I do believe that.. doing the dumb thing was fun this time.

These songs were mostly recorded late at night while my wife and baby son were sleeping. On tracks like ‘When the Green Room Turns to Blue’ and ‘Wake Up Call’, this nocturnal schedule is almost audible. But don’t get the wrong idea. This has the appropriate loud guitars. If you’re not listening to it loud, then I advise you to do so now…

For the technically minded, these songs were recorded using 16 tracks (two ADATs), one good microphone, lots of guitars and a load of technical manuals that I tried to ignore. While Marc’s studio has more stuff (it’s less of an office and more of a pro operation!) most all of the recording and mixing was done at home..Def Heffer…

While I plan to record another album (with more than just five songs), I’ve always loved the idea of EP’s. It gets these songs ‘out there’ …so thanks for being ‘out there’ and thanks for listening!


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