Andrew – Happily Ever After


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Format: CDEP
Label: Vibro-Phonic Recordings
Catalogue: DE1 2012
Barcode: 663281201223
Country: US
Year: 2003

Condition: New

Still sealed. Card sleeve.

01. Till I Met You
02. Make It Up To You
03. Magic Harpsichord
04. The Stay At Home Scene
05. I’m Gonna Say Goodbye …

Happily Ever After Press Release

Vibro-phonic recordings is happy to announce a new extented play release from Andrew titled Happily Ever After.

In what may be an industry first, Happily Ever After is a thematically tied release with yet another new record by andrew, Happy To Be Here, which will be issued simultaneously on an entirely different record label (Bus Stop).

While the two share similar titles and concepts, they each offer a unique set of new material from andrew. His first album, A Beautiful Story, was a critically lauded favorite of 2001 and Happily Ever After should prove to be an even greater success.

Bosting stellar from Brian Kehew (one half of the Moog Cookbook), the incomparable drumming of Ric Menck (Velvet Crush/Matthew Sweet) and the masterful bass playing of David Nolte (David Gray/Maria McKee/The Last), Happily Ever After is one of Andrew’s strongest efforts to date.

Featuring a sound that mixes the best elements of the Kinks, Big Star and the Byrds with a fresh approach to personal songwriting, Happily Ever After is a creative tour de force.
The kick-off track “Till I Met You” is a pop gem, combining baroque harpsichor lines with a crackling guitar lead ala the Yardbirds. Meanwhile “Make It Up To You” is a tuneful trip with a Zombies styled Pianet riff from Dave Amels (Husky Team/Losers Lounga/Optic Nerve).

“Magic Harpsichord” recalls the whimsy of the mid-’60s Who (think “Happy Jack” or “Dogs”), while “The Stay At Home Scene” shimmers in mélange of backwards guitar.
The E.P. closes with the strains of Dave Pearlman (Long Ryders) on the pedal steel playin “I’m Gonna Say Goodbye”, before we fade off into a hypnotic raga.

Happily Ever After may be the most enjoyable musical roller coaster ride you take all year!

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