The Ugly Beats – Motor!

February 4, 2012 David M. Snyder 0

The Ugly Beats – Motor! [Get Hip/2010] This Austin, Texas’ combo is back for a third go-round. They’ve gone whole hog this time with the Univox-sounding organ (think “Telstar”). The variegation of ‘60s pop-rock sub-genres […]


Bobby Emmett – Learning Love

January 30, 2012 David M. Snyder 0

Bobby Emmett – Learning Love [D.I.Y/2010] Bobby Emmett spent a few years in the earlier part of this decade playing his Hammond organ, and for a while, bass, via a Fender Rhodes piano bass, or […]


Gavin Guss – Mercury Mine

January 20, 2012 David M. Snyder 0

Gavin Guss – Mercury Mine [Obsolete Media/2010] It’s been a baker’s dozen of years since Tube Top’s one and only album, Three Minute Hercules, came out. While one of the two singer-songwriters of that band, […]


The Hotrats – Turn Ons

January 5, 2012 David M. Snyder 0

The Hotrats – Turn Ons [G&D/Fat Possum/2010] No, not a Frank Zappa tribute act. The backstory: In the latter part of 2007 Supergrass bassist Mick Quinn suffered two broken vertebrae and a broken heel while […]


Boat – Setting The Paces

January 3, 2012 David M. Snyder 0

Boat – Setting The Paces [Magic Marker/2009] Youthful Exuberance! Come and get it. You’ve heard hundreds or even thousands of indie-rock tunes like those found here. But what makes your ears perk up and take […]

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